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Access Award in Business Skills

AAT Level 1
Session 1

Business Organisations and How they Operate



Understanding the Different Business Sectors
Different Types of Private Sector Business Organisations
How Organisations are Structured
Homework Exercise
Session 2

Applying for and Obtaining a Job

Homework Exercise



Session 3

Using Numbers in Business



Addition and Subtraction in Accounting
Apply Fractions to Whole Numbers
Calculate the Ratio or Proportion of Two Numbers
Calculate the Percentage of One Number in Relation to Another Number
Find a Percentage of a Whole Number
Calculate the Average of a Range of Numbers
Using Estimates and Roundings
Homework Exercise
Session 4

Developing Skills for the Workplace



Health and Safety in the Workplace
Polite Communications with Colleagues and Customers
Confidentiality and Data Security
Ethical Behaviour
Session 5

Time Management and Communications Skills

Progress Test



Work Schedule
Types of Business Documents
Producing Routine Business Documents
Homework Activity
Session 6

Principles of Sales and Purchases and Understanding Business Documentation



Income and Expenditure
Sales and Purchases of Goods for Cash and on Credit
Profit and Loss
Business Documentation
Calculating VAT
VAT and Discounts
Session 7

Checking Business Documentation and Recording Receipts and Payments



Bank Paying In Slips
End of Course Assessment
Session 8

Exam Revision and Practice Assessment 

Mock Assessment


Students will complete AAT and Kaplan Mock Assessments

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