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Final Accounts Preparation

AAT Level 3
Session 1

Sole Trader Financial Statements



Proforma Templates




Types of Business Organisations
Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Business Organisations
Financial Statements from the Initial Trial Balance
Financial Statements from the Extended Trial Balance
Session 2

Incomplete Records



Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Calculating Missing Figures in Ledger Accounts
Gross Profit Mark Up and Margin
Converting from Mark Up to Margin and Margin to Mark Up
Inventory Losses
Incomplete Records Consolidation
Session 4

Final Accounts Preparation Revision 1

Osborne Books Final Accounts Preparation Practice Assessment 1
AAT Final Accounts Preparation Sample Assessment 1
Session 5

Final Accounts Preparation Revision 2

Osborne Books Final Accounts Preparation Practice Assessment 2
AAT Final Accounts Preparation Sample Assessment 2
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