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Personal Tax

AAT Level 4
Session 1

Introduction to Taxation; Income from Property; Income from Savings and Investments



Calculating Assessable Rent
Calculating Assessable Property Income
Calculating Assessable Property Income for Multiple Properties
Dealing with Property Losses
Calculating Income Tax Due to HMRC
Preparing Income Tax Calculations
Session 2

Income from Employment; Preparing Income Tax Computations



Company Cars and Fuel
Beneficial Loans
Living Accommodation
Other Assets
National Insurance Contributions
Comprehensive Tax Computations
Session 3

Capital Tax; Inheritance Tax



Calculation of Capital Gains Tax
Dealing with Capital Losses
Principal Private Residences
Disposals of Chattels
Share Disposal - FA 1985 Pool
Inheritance Tax on Death
Chargeable Lifetime Transfers
Potentially Exempt Transfers
Potentially Exempt Transfers Tapering Relief
Session 4

Personal Tax Revision 1

Personal Tax Sample Assessment 1
Personal Tax Osborne Practice Assessment 1
Session 5

Personal Tax Revision 2

Personal Tax Sample Assessment 2
Personal Tax Osborne Practice Assessment 2
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